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Do you need guidance on the make up and running of your Jetting Fleet and Equipment?

We provide help and assistance to help you optimise the running and maintaining of your jetting fleet. We see so many companies using the incorrect machines for the job, selecting nozzles that are too small or too large and not using the correct safety equipment.

Your machines are expensive so what is the point using the incorrect tools or tools that are not calibrated correctly. It is like Usain Bolt running with steel toe cap boots.


On a recent training course we wanted to use the auxiliary hose reel on the jetting truck for the practical. The truck operator advised that the reel had never worked properly but that water would come out of the hose. After investigation it was discovered that the operator was using a large nozzle with jet inserts that were far too large. We found a small jetting nozzle that was close to the performance of the auxiliary reel and the jetting nozzle pulled strongly and cleanly up the pipe. The operator was amazed and said the reel had never worked properly since he had the truck. The operator had no idea that the problem was simply using the wrong jetting nozzle with holes that were too big.

It is a simple but very common example of an expensive piece of kit being used with the incorrect jetting head.

We can advise you on many levels with regards to your jetting fleet:

• Type of machine and hose
• Type of jetting nozzle and jetting tools
• Nozzle calibration
• Maintenance of jetting tools
• Make up of jetting teams
• Safety advice
• Any other water jetting advice

We can discuss your requirements and formulate a bespoke plan to suit your needs from simple outline recommendations to more in depth advice. We have over 30 years of experience in the water jetting industry and work in all sectors of our industry.

Please feel free to email us on sales@safe-jetting.co.uk or use the contact form on this website.


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